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In 2015, the Lord led us to start the Freie Baptisten Gemeinde in Neutraubling. We started with a Bible study in one of our family's home. During that time, we searched for a place to meet. In February of the same year, we found a perfect location near the center of the city. We held our first service there in March. In October 2017 the church relocated because of growth, particularly from the children's ministries in the church. 

We also started a Sunday school, Kid's Club, English Bible study for those in our large English-speaking community, men's Bible studies, and ladies' Bible studies. Every summer we host a BBQ-Fest, where many from our community come for food, fellowship, fun, but most importantly to hear the Gospel!

The church from its existence has had a heart for evangelism. We are looking forward to God's leading in new ministries in the coming months and years.  

We thank the Lord for His blessings on His church in Neutraubling.

To view a short video of it's history, click here.

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