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Our Sending Church: 

Temple Baptist Church, Clarence Sexton, Pastor

In 2010, the members of Temple Baptist Church sent us to be their representatives to the German speaking people. We are eternally grateful for their sacrificial support! 

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Todd and Kim Lapato

The Lapato family have been serving in Germany since 2008. They have been burdened for the people of Austria, but due to visa restrictions, they are not permitted to live in Austria. Since they have a visa in Germany, they have temporary access to Austria, thereby being able to conduct periodical evangelistic meetings there.

In 2015, they joined with us to help start the church in Neutraubling. We are partnering together to reach the German speaking people in Neutraubling, Germany, along with evangelistic efforts in Austria (Neutraubling is about an hour and a half drive away from Austria).  

For more information on the Lapato family and their sending church, click here

Keith and Julia Klaus

Keith and Julia Klaus have been serving the Lord in Germany since 2004. Keith is the pastor of the Freie Baptisten Gemeinde in Oberpfraundorf. We partnered with them in 2010 (the year of our arrival in Germany), and their assistance, during our beginning years, was a tremendous blessing to us!

Keith and Julia were burdened for the Neutraubling area, which is about 40 minutes away from their church. Several of their church members came from that area, and in 2015, their church helped establish the Freie Baptisten Gemeinde in Neutraubling. We were blessed to have five families join us in the formation of this new church, and are grateful for the vision of Keith, Julia and the church in Oberpfraundorf!

For more information on the Klaus family and their ministry in Germany, click here.  

John and Rose Radank 

Bob's parents, John and Rose Radank, have been faithfully serving in Germany since 1997, and have been ministering to the U.S. military since 2000. John was the founding pastor of the Hohenfels Baptist Church for military personnel. In 2003, the military church helped establish the Freie Baptisten Gemeinde in Oberpfraundorf for the German community, where Keith Klaus is now the pastor. John and Rose are now assisting in various ministries in Germany.

When we arrived in 2010, John and Rose were there to help us "get our feet planted". During our time in language school for about a year and half, we ministered at Hohenfels Baptist Church and the German church in Oberpfraundorf. Through their financial and prayer support, Hohenfels Baptist Church has been instrumental in helping us in the formation of the Freie Baptisten Gemeinde in Neutraubling, where we are currently serving.

For more information on John and Rose, and their ministry to the U.S. military, click here.  


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